24/05/2014Japan launches new satellite to survey disasters

Japan successfully launched a new mapping satellite that will be used to survey damage from natural disasters and changes affecting rainforests. The satellite will collect data related to deformation of the Earth's crust, but also the impact of floods and landslides.

14/03/2014Opening of the Kostanjek Landslide Observatory

Opening of the Observatory of the Kostanjek Landslide (Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb) was held on Friday, 14th March 2014. Observatory was opened by H.E. Keiji Ide, Japanese ambassador in the Republic of Croatia, major of the City of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandić, rector of the University of Zagreb, Prof. Aleksa Bjeliš and dean of the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, Prof. Zoran Nakić. During ceremonial opening of the observatory, Japanese cherry three was planted as a symbol of cooperation between Japan and Croatia.

13/03/2014Closing ceremony of Croatian-Japanese Project on Landslides

Closing ceremony of the Croatian-Japanese Bilateral Project Risk Identification for Land use Planning and Disaster Mitigation of Landslides and Floods in Croatia was held in the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport Republic of Croatia on 12 March. His Exelency Keiji Ide, Ambassador of Japan,  Dr. Željko Jovanović, Minister of Science, Education and Sport, and scientists from both countries attended to closing ceremony.

12/03/2014Elementary accident was declared caused by landslides in Varaždinske Toplice Municipality

The County Prefect Predrag Štromar declared the elementary accident caused by landslides in Varaždinske Toplice Municipality triggered by heavy rain and rising of ground water levels during January and February this year.

06/01/2014Mine landslide triggered quakes

Last year's gigantic landslide at a Utah copper mine probably was the biggest nonvolcanic slide in North America's modern history, and included two rock avalanches that happened 90 minutes apart and surprisingly triggered 16 small earthquakes, University of Utah scientists discovered.

18/12/2013Japan tsunami exacerbated by landslide

The 2011 Japan tsunami, which killed up to 20,000 people and caused the partial meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant, was made worse by an underwater landslide, according to scientists.

04/12/2013Croatian Landslide Group members received letter of thanks from DUZS

The eighth award ceremony to the members of the protection and rescue system, which were with their selflessness and personal drive highlighted in operating activities during the 2013, was held in the Croatian National Theatre in Zadar on Wednesday, 4 December 2013. Dr. Jadran Perinić awarded the letter of thanks from National Protection and Rescue Directorate for the support and cooperation and promoting of the protection and rescue system 2013, to: Croatian Red Cross, Firefighters Community of Osijek - Baranja County, Volunteer Firefighting Department Pag, Speleological Association Pula, Head’s Assistant of Zadar County Ivka Ćorić, Snježana Mihalić Arbanas, Željko Arbanas and Hubert Zitzenbacher.

11/10/2013Landslides shaped Hebes Chasma on Mars?

New images of Hebes Chasma taken from the European Space Agency’s Mars Express spacecraft indicate that massive slides and debris flows may have affected on the shape of this huge canyon.

24/10/2013Landslide monitoring: Landslide Sensors May Save Lives Worldwide

Using technology found in cell phones, inexpensive sensors being tested at Monte Sano State Park might one day soon save lives by giving advance warning of deadly landslides in at-risk areas around the world.

07/10/2013Ice avalanches on Saturn moon offer clues to Earth landslides

The friction effects the scientists found on Saturn's moon Iapetus might also play a part in anomalous landslides on Earth, such as the prehistoric Blackhawk landslide, in which rock falling from the San Bernardino mountains in California travelled eight kilometres into Lucerne Valley.

05/10/201350th anniversary of the Vajont Landslide, Italy, occured on 9 October 1963

Wednesday (9th of October) will be marked the 50th anniversary of the Vajont Landslide.  The Vajont Landslide was the worst landslide disaster in European history. The International Conference Vaiont 1963-2013 will be held in Padua from 8 to 10 October 2013.

26/09/201367underwater landslides found off the Maltese Islands

A high concentration of submarine landslides have been documented from an area of 370 square kilometres of seafloor in the north-east of Marsaxlokk. The discovery was made using advanced seafloor exploration techniques.

10/09/2013Summer Heat Wave May Have Triggered Landslide on Lonely Alaskan Glacier

A massive landslide in Alaska’s snowy Wrangell-St. Elias mountain range in July may have been caused by a summer heat wave making some slopes more vulnerable to collapse.

27/07/20131.800 landslides in Bosnia and Hercegovina, 703 landslides in the City of Sarajevo Area

25/07/2013Dr. P. Kalinić (City of Zagreb) visited center for landslide monitoring and early warning in Japan

24/07/2013Croatian Landslide Portal

The Croatian Landslide Portal is activated on 24 July 2013, after long and laborious preparations. It was established by Croatian Landslide Group, member of the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL). Purpose of this website is to inform scientists, professionals, public and all interested parties in landslide phenomenon about news and landslide related events in the landslide world. The website is still under construction. We hope that it will be completed very soon. Until then, thank you for your patience. We will accept any help, information and suggestions which would improve this website. It is possible to contact us on [email protected]. Thank you for your visit and interest.

22/07/2013JICA is co-financing landslide investigation and design of remedial measures in the Abay Gorge (Etiopia)

The Ethiopian Road Authority (ERA) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) jointly finalized investigation and design of landslide counter-measures in Abay Gorge which is extremely prone to the landslide phenomenon. A group of landslide experts from ERA and JICA visited Abay Gorge to evaluate JICA's technical transfer project on landslide counter-measure. They performed mid-term review of the project launched in 2011 which is expected to phase out in 2016.