Difficulties for scientists are how to explain exotic plants and animals on remote oceanic islands. There exists plenty of possible explanations like coastal floods but new study from the Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology in Tenerife suggests that mega-landslides cause veritable floating forests to put out to sea, carrying on board large numbers of small animals and invertebrate species. Weevils  found in La Palma are genetically almost identical to weevils in the Orotava Valley in northern Tenerife, which is over 120 km far away. This weevils live more than 700 m above the sea level so they could not have been caught up in a coastal flood. But a huge landslide of more than 130 sq km occurred on Tenerife’s north coast about 600,000 years ago and have carried biomass from the surface of Tenerife out onto the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. Researchers explain the translation of inter-island travel for billions of plants, invertebrates and animals with mega-landslides that are relatively common events on volcanic islands like the Canaries caused with seismic activity.

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