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13/12/2016Remediation works on potentially dangerous rock blocks above Omiš City began

Extensive and very complex project of rock massive remediation started after five years of preparations and threats to populous old part of Omiš City. Threaten area in the length of two kilometers stretches over nearly whole old part of Omiš City. Remediation parts include Smokvice – Točilo, Pavao and Sveti Mihovil – Baučići regions. Remediation investment of 30 millions kunas is completely financed through The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. Provided deadline of remediation completion is spring 2018. Depending of microlocation, few methods of protection systems will be applied. In past, several cases of couple of tons rock falls on the city were evidenced, fortunately only with material damage.

25/11/2016A new landslide in the Lopača Village in the Rječina River Valley

A landslide occurred in the Lopača Village in the Rječina River Valley near the City of Rijeka. A lot of landslides occurred in the Rječina River Valley in the past and this new landslide was activated after long heavy rain period.  In fact, November 2016 with 486.9 mm of rain is the second rainy month  and the most rainy November in the history of measurements in Rijeka.

22/11/2016Recovery of Brački, Korenički and Monterići landslides in Bednja Community is under construction

Remediation works on Brački, Korenički and  Monterići landslides in Bednja Community are under construction. These are complex landslides on non-sorted roads  which greatly complicated local population life. Government of the Republic of Croatia named Croatian Roads for remediation project holder. Remediation works worth 2,224 milions of kuna are financed from non-dedicated funds provided from The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.

08/11/2016Remediation works on Halić Landslide in Gornji Kneginec District began

Beyond 50 other landslide in Varaždin County, remediation of the most critical, Halić Landslide in Gornji Kneginec, started. Landslides were activated due to heavy rainfalls and human influence.

16/08/2016Žudetići landslide remediation began

Remediation works on Žudetići landslide on ŽC 5209 from Ponte Porton to Vižinada are under construction. Landslide occurred because of extra water flow in the road body so remediation works in the length of 200 meters started in thr section of 1.2 kilometers of total road improvement. Adequate drainage system and replacement of existing material with cobbled embankment material will ensure landslide stabilization. Government of the Republic of Croatia named Croatian Roads for remediation project holder. Remediation works are provided from The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.

05/03/2016City of Zagreb: The landslide tiggered, older man evicted from home

Due to the reactivation of landslides in the northwestern part of Zagreb City, from the house in the Kestenovac Street evicted an older tenant with poor health. Temporarily is located in the Clinical Hospital "Sveti Duh".

20/02/2016Landslide Čukovići (Črnomerec) reactivated again

Heavy rain that falls this match in Zagreb activate the landslide on Kestenovac (landslide Čukovići). According to information from the Office of Emergency Management City of Zagreb, the first report of a landslide slide got the center 112. The area of landslide is approximately 450 square meters. Kestenovac Street is located in the northwestern part of the Zagreb city.

24/07/2015The landslide recovery in Pokupsko Cerje (Pokupsko) began

Work has begun on the rehabilitation of landslides at Pokupsko Cerje, which began to endanger traffic on the national road D36. Landslide is caused by the action of groundwater, which washed the ground under the road for a long time.

30/03/2015Recovered Cerina landsllide, Samobor

Works on Cerina landslide rehabilitation at Samobor are completed and the road is open to traffic through the village. Temporary traffic regulation through this route lasted from 15 January to 30 April 2015.

28/03/2015The landslide in Lipovac (Samobor) is rehabilitate, six more landslides are in the recovery plan for 2015.

While work on the rehabilitation of Lipovac landslide nearing completion, and completion is expected by April 30 , the City of Samobor preparing rehabilitation of six more landslides in the area of Samobor in 2015. To this purpose, the town of Samobor prepared 2.5 million Kuna from the budget.

27/02/2015A family of five from Kustošijski venac cannot be in their own house because of landslide

The family of five from the Kustošijski venac Street over the four months staying at the Shelter for Homeless Kosnica because their house threatening backfilling soil. The last year's rains triggered the landslide which slide to their house. Then the City Office for Emergency Management City of Zagreb gave install wooden beams and dig a drainage channel to stabilized ground, but it was not enough.

24/02/2015Landslide in Jakačina Mala near Slavonski Brod

Landslides in Jakačina Mala near Slavonski Brod were caused by inappropriate construction of football field. The construction works were cancelled but activated landslide reached outbuildings in the village during last rainy days.

02/02/2015Landslide recovery over his house in Gornja Dubrava waiting for more then six months

Part of the road Street Mihovci in Gornja Dubrava, about a half year ago caught the smaller landslide. Residents can't get to their homes by car and drainage basin of water from the road going directly to the house located at its foot. Redevelopment, which was promised from the city administration as soon as possible, is still outstanding, so the Zagreb Roads built a concrete wall height of 20 cm to prevent the water flow in the house.

31/01/2015In the suburb of Gornja Dubrava residents get sewers, but the construction caused landslide

Residents of St. Barbara Street in the suburb of Gornja Dubrava didn't have sewers to the last year. Although, as they say, greatly facilitates drainage, building it along the streets created yet another problem - landslide. Due to the construction of the sewerage network in the St. Barbara Street, the small landslide activated along the street - says Stephen Svibovec, who in the St. Barbara Street lived a whole life .

13/09/2014Rainfall activated numerous landslides in the north-western Croatia

In Bednja and Gornji Kneginec Municipalities and in the vicinity of Varaždinske Toplice more that 70 landslides were activated. Approximately 30 landslides were activated along Sutla River. Landslides were also activated in the Krapinsko-Zagorska County. Few landslides were activated at the area of Zagreb city.

06/08/2014Heavy rain caused 60 new landslides in the Karlovac area

After heavy rain on 5 August 60 new landslides occurred in the area of the City of Karlovac. The landslides caused significant damages on roads, buildings and facilities. Daily precipitation value measured on 5 August is the highest daily precipitation amount ever recorded in the City of Karlovac.  

18/05/2014Interactive map of floods and landslides in the region

28/02/2014Landslide in the Hrastovec Village near Varaždinske Toplice

The landslide caused by heavy rain is activated in the Hrastovec Village near the City of Varaždinske Toplice. The local road was damaged and surrounding houses are endangered.

22/02/2014Landslide in vineyard endangered houses in Jastrebarsko

Reactivated landslide include vineyards and sliding mass comes to the houses. Landslide was reactivated after first movement occurrence in April 2013.

22/02/2014Landslide destroyed cemetery and damaged roads and houses in the Kravarsko Village

Activated landslides in the Kravarsko Village caused several damages on roads, infrastructure, cemetery, orchards and vineyards. Ten residential houses are endangered and two houses are completely destroyed and should be removed.

20/02/2014New landslide activated in Kustošija, part of the City of Zagreb and endangered residential houses

A new landslide is activated in Kustošija, residential area in City of Zagreb, after heavy rain period and endangered residential houses in the toe and above the landslide main scarp. City Office for Emergency Management organized covering the landslide body with plastic membranes to disable infiltration of surface waters in landslide body.

19/02/2014Reducing of movements’ rate at the Grohovo Landlside

The end of long rainy period caused reducing of movements' rate at the landslide near the Grohovo Village and the daily magnitude of the movements was reduced to 3 cm.  After preliminary field investigations conducted by scientists from the Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Rijeka and Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering University of Zagreb, the following dimensions of the landslide body are estimated: length L=380m, width W=150m and depth D=15-20m: Estimated volume of sliding mass is 1 million of cubic meters.

13/02/2014Landslide near the cemetery in Čučerje (City of Zagreb)

Translational sliding near the cemetery in Čučerje, part of the City of Zagreb, exposed a slip surface of approximately 12 thousands square meters. The depth of sliding mass is 5 m. Neighboring buildings are not endangered.  

12/02/2014Reactivated landslide threatens old cemetery near the City of Karlovac

Heavy rain and surface waters reactivated a landslide abowe the cultural heritage of old Jewish cemetery near the City of Karlovac and caused significant demages.

12/02/2014The road from Klanjec to Gorkovec closed by landslide

Another one lanslide in the Municipality of Klanjec caused by heavy rain closed the road between Klanjec and Gorkovec.

07/02/2014A landslide closed the road between the Grohovo and Lopača villages near Rijeka

A landslide occurred on local road between the Grohovo and Lopača villages in the Rječina River Valley near the City of Rijeka after long heavy rain period. A lot of landslides occurred in the Rječina River Valley in the past and this new landslide is located inside the body of an old dormant landslide.  

15/11/2013Rockfall buried railway near the City of Buzet

The rockfall from the, so called, Raspadalica Cliff in the Ćićarija Massif buried the railway at the section from the Buzet Rail Station  to the Roč Village in Istria.

11/11/2013Landslide reactivation in the Rude Village near the City of Samobor

Heavy rain caused reactivation of the landslide in the Rude Village near the City of Samobor and the traffic between Rude and Samobor was broken.  

26/08/2013The rockfall buried the road Crikvenica-Grižane in Primorsko-Goranska County

29/07/2013Start of remedial works on the Juričići Landslide (City of Buzet, Istria)

24/07/2013Finished first phase of the Juradi landslide remedial measures (City of Buzet)

The Juradi Landslide that endangered a part of the Juradi Village was triggered by heavy rainfall in November 2010. Landsliding take over several residential and farm buildings so as the slope below the village in direction of the Butoniga Lake. Immediately after landslide activation, drainage of rainfall and surface water was performed that was enabled assuagement of lanslide movements. Landslide field investigations were completed in early 2011 and remedial measures were designed. The first phase of remedial measures is completed in July 2013.

08/06/2013City of Zagreb relocate family endangered by Grmoščica landslide

17/05/2013Reactivated landslide in the Mandićeva St. in Zagreb

Landslide is reactivated near the houses No. 61 and 63 in the Dominik Mandić Street in Zagreb. Last landslide activation was registered on 1 April 2013. Four houses are damaged by landslide movements. The landslide have been triggered by heavy rainfall in last six months.